Restricting our TF2 servers to US players

Today, we’ve got some sad news for a lot of you guys. Effective immediately, only players from the United States will be able to use our TF2 servers. We’re forced to take this action because of the unprofitability of players from other countries.

Why we’re making this change

During the last months, we’ve been burning money with the TF2 servers. We’ve paid out more than we were earning from the servers and there are no signs that this would change. As you might know, we earn money through video advertisements on our servers. The issue is that there are very few videos available for players from most countries, so we’re losing money with those players. Players from the US however still receive enough videos for us to pay them.

An apology to everyone affected

We know that a lot of you guys loved the TF2 servers and we’re very sorry that we had to remove this earning method for you. This decision wasn’t easy for us. But this was our only option since the TF2 servers were not financially sustainable anymore. You’ll be missed on our servers!

What does this mean for me as a non-US player?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use our TF2 servers anymore. We invite you to try out other earning methods such as surveys, offers, mining, or promotions.

What does this mean for me as a US player?

Nothing changes for you. You can continue to use our TF2 servers just like before.

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