Public Profiles & More Discord Features

Public Profiles & More Discord Features

We are introducing public user profiles and more Discord features! Every user now has a profile that can be viewed by other people. The profile contains the name, avatar, and some user statistics. You can also retrieve the profile URL of other members in Discord.

Where can I find my public profile?

When you are logged in, you can click on your avatar at the right top of our website. Right under your username, you will see a link that says “View Profile”. Click it!

Example profile:

User profiles are now also linked on the leaderboard.

Profile Privacy

Don’t worry – private information like your email address or details about your connected identities will never be shown on your public profile.


In the previous blog post, we introduced the Discord login for our website. Now, you can also earn a reward for joining our Discord server. You can find this feature in the Promotions section.

We have also added a new bot to our Discord channel – Notitiae. This bot can show your Idle-Empire account balance or get the Idle-Empire profile URL of other Discord guild members. You can write !commands on our Discord server to learn more.


That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more exciting features!

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