New Survey Provider And Increased Referral Share

New Survey Provider And Increased Referral Share

Here we are again with some fresh news! We have added a new survey provider. And we increased the referral share once again. We also added a new promotion.

The New Survey Provider

The new survey provider is MinuteStaff. You can see it at the bottom of our surveys page. This provider offers something pretty nice and unique among the other providers that we integrated. You can earn points simply by clicking on links and staying there for a few seconds. It’s very easy and fast. You should really try it out for yourself!

Increased Referral Share

We believe that you should earn more from your referrals. That’s why increased the referral share from 10% to 20%. Happy earning!

The New Promotion

You now receive 100 points when you verify your email address. This promotion is only redeemable one time.


Stay tuned for more news soon! 🙂

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