Mandatory Miner Update

Mandatory Miner Update – Monero Emergency Hardfork

We just released a new update for the Idle-Empire miner, v0.4.0. Upgrading to the new version is mandatory.

What’s new?

v0.4.0 only includes a new version of the XMR-Stak miner that we use. This version includes a new mining algorithm that will be used by the Monero network soon. Monero has a scheduled hardfork (update) on the 9th of March, which is in about 2 days. This update will require all miners to use a different mining algorithm. The old mining algorithm will be invalid and therefore, all mining software is required to be updated.

Necessary Prerequisites

If the new miner does not start properly, please make sure that Visual Studio libraries are installed. You can download them directly from Microsoft.

What happens after the hardfork?

Mining profitability is expected to slightly increase as some miners will stop mining. This means that you might earn more points than before for a short amount of time.


You can download the new miner through this link.


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