LootBear Gift Cards

LootBear Gift Cards Are Now Available

We’re happy to announce that you can now withdraw LootBear gift cards from Idle-Empire!

What’s LootBear?

LootBear is a skins marketplace that lets you rent, buy, and sell CS:GO, H1Z1, and Dota 2 items.

What’s unique about LootBear is that you can rent skins from other users for a tiny fraction of what the skin is worth. Ever wanted to play with that Dragon Lore or Howl? Now’s your chance!

How do LootBear gift cards work?

You’ll get a gift card code from Idle-Empire, you can then use that code to fund your LootBear USD account balance.

I want to try this out! How?

Simply visit our Gift Cards Withdrawal page and select “LootBear” at the bottom. You will receive a gift card code which you can use on LootBear. On the LootBear website, click on the “+” sign next to your balance, and then on “Use Code” at the top right side.

You can now use your LootBear balance to rent top tier skins!

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