Extended Authentication Methods

Log In And Register With Email & Password

You’re now able to log in and register on Idle-Empire through your email address and password. This comes as an optional alternative to the login and registration through your social media accounts.

Existing Users

For users that already have an account, you can simply head over to your Account Details to set up your new password. You can then use your email address and password to log into your Idle-Empire account.

New Users

As a new user, you can now straight up register on Idle-Empire with your email address and password.

Why we are offering this alternative

Some users have expressed that they don’t like registering with their social media accounts on a website that they don’t know and trust yet. This makes sense as there are many phishing websites out there, as well as platforms that sell your data.

Additionally, it can be more convenient to log in with just your email address and password on new devices. That’s partly because some providers like Steam might require you to provide a two-factor authentication code.

We want to give our users the choice of how they sign up and log in, so here you go.

As always – stay tuned!

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