Leaderboard Changes

Leaderboard Changes – Weekly Leaderboard

Today we made some major changes to our leaderboard. We introduce you to a single leaderboard with higher prizes on a weekly basis.

What has changed?

  • The leaderboard is now weekly instead of daily
  • The different leaderboard categories have been removed – there is now only one leaderboard that tracks all combined earnings
  • Prizes have been increased to 300,000 points for the first place, 200,000 for the second place, and 100,000 for the third place

Why did we make these changes?

There were some issues with how our leaderboard worked before.

  • Only a few users were able to win the leaderboard in the category Referrals
  • In the category Servers, the deciding factor was mostly luck
  • We also felt that one day is a too short timeframe to decide on a winner

We resolved those issues with the new leaderboard, and we hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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