KeyJoker Withdrawals Added

KeyJoker Withdrawals Added – Unlock Indie Steam Games

We just integrated withdrawals to KeyJoker, a platform that allows you to unlock indie Steam games for a very low price. It also features a marketplace for social media followers.

What’s KeyJoker?

KeyJoker is a new platform that allows users to unlock cheap Steam games for free. Users only need to complete a few simple tasks to collect the necessary credits. We save you this extra step! When you withdraw from Idle-Empire to KeyJoker, we will send credits to your KeyJoker account. You can then instantly use those credits to get dozens of Steam games.

Steam Games

KeyJoker currently offers dozens of Steam games for a really cheap price – $0.05 or 500 credits for every game. The Game inventory is expected to grow over time.

Social Media Marketplace

You can also use KeyJoker to grow your social media accounts. With your credits, you can create “Actions”. Other users of the platform will then join your Steam group, follow you on Twitter, join your Discord server, or follow you on Twitch.

How do KeyJoker withdrawals work?

When you withdraw from Idle-Empire to KeyJoker, we will simply send so-called “Credits” to your KeyJoker account. 1,000 Points on Idle-Empire have the same value as 1,000 Credits on KeyJoker. You can then use your credits to unlock Steam games or to grow your social media accounts. You can make your first withdrawal to KeyJoker now!

We hope you enjoy this new platform. As always, stay tuned!

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