Level & Achievement System

Introducing Our Level & Achievement System

We are happy to introduce you to our new level and achievement system! Users are now able to level their account based on XP. Experience can be earned by completing achievements and by earning points.


Your Idle-Empire account has a certain level that is based on the amount of experience (XP) that you earn over time. There is no level limit.

Earning XP

XP can be earned by earning points and by completing achievements. You earn 1 XP for every point that you earn. Achievements can also give you quite a lot of XP.

You can see your current level and your current amount of XP when you visit your Idle-Empire user profile. In the Achievements tab you can also see all your completed and uncompleted achievements, as well as the number of XP that each achievement gives you.

Level Impact

Your account level does not have any impact on your earnings, it’s just a visual feature. There are plans to add small features in the future that can only be accessed with a certain level, e.g claiming special Discord roles.

Level Progress

Your level is calculated through the following function:

XP To Level Function

Accordingly, the following function is used to calculate your XP:

Level To XP Function

Here’s a graph showing the correlation between level and XP:

Level/XP Graph

Future Impact

There are no plans to let this level system have any effect on user earnings. The reasoning for this is simple: We want all users to have the best possible earnings right from the start – new users shouldn’t be penalized just so that advanced users can earn more.

However, we are looking to base some features on this level system in the future. Stay tuned!

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