Introducing the Idle-Empire Offerwall

We’re proud to introduce you to our very own offerwall. Enjoy enhanced filtering, sorting, and searching capabilities. Find the most rewarding offers across multiple offerwalls in an eyeblink!

What’s the Idle-Empire offerwall?

The Idle-Empire offerwall combines offers from multiple offerwalls and displays them in a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can easily filter offers by category and offerwall provider, sort offers by the best payout or by popularity, and search for specific offers. Here’s a small preview of how the offerwall looks:

Which problem does the Idle-Empire offerwall solve?

During the last months, we’ve added more and more offerwalls. We currently have 18 different offerwalls from the most trusted advertising networks in the industry.

The large quantity of offerwalls causes an issue for our users though – they have to get used to many different interfaces. It’s not an easy task to search for offers on a dozen different websites. Especially when most offerwalls have rather limited search, filter, and sorting capabilities.

The Idle-Empire offerwall solves exactly this problem. We combine all the offers from our partners and present them in a single interface for you. The Idle-Empire offerwall makes it a breeze to browse through offers and find exactly what you’re looking for!

A simple but powerful example

Did you know that many offerwalls have the same offers, but with a different payout? If you want to complete a certain offer, it often makes sense to check if another offerwall has a better payout for the same offer. The Idle-Empire offerwall makes this super easy! Have a look at this example:

A quick search for “tipp24” reveals that the exact same offer can be found on 6 different offerwalls. We can simply sort by “Payout: Highest First” and we’ll immediately see which offerwall has the best payout for this offer. The searching feature can easily increase your earnings by thousands of points.

Sounds awesome! Can I get started right away?

Yes, you can! The Idle-Empire offerwall is already online and you can access it here.

Please note that the offerwall is still in beta and some smaller issues are expected. If you experience a bug or if you have other feedback, please make a support ticket or message us on Discord.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and as always – stay tuned!


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