Meet Freddy

Introducing Freddy: Our Smart Support Bot

We are happy to present you Freddy, our new support bot that can help you to find the right answer to your question. Freddy is currently only active on our support panel, however, we plan to add him to our website in the future.

How does Freddy work?

You can ask Freddy a question and he will try to find the support article that contains the answer to your question. This way, you don’t have to look through dozens of articles yourself. Just ask Freddy!

What makes Freddy smart?

Freddy has AI characteristics. He uses Machine Learning to become smarter and more efficient over time. Every time a user interacts with him, he learns. When he finds the right article to your question, he will memorize it. And if he doesn’t find the right answer, he will memorize it too and try to give a better answer next time. So if you feel like he’s not too bright yet, give him some time. He’s still very young and needs to learn more about the needs of Idle-Empire users.

How can I use Freddy?

Just visit our support panel and click on the “message” icon in the bottom right corner. Here’s an example of how a chat with Freddy looks like:

Chat with Freddy

What’s next?

We will monitor Freddy and make sure that he learns well so that he becomes a better help to our community. When he’s ready, he will serve you on our website too!

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