The Idle-Empire Miner

Idle-Empire Miner Has Been Released

We are happy to introduce a new way to earn points – the Idle-Empire Miner.

You can now use your computer to mine cryptocurrency for us and we will reward you with points. The first release of our miner is only available for Windows but we plan to support Linux and Mac OS in future releases.

How does it work?

You need to download our mining client from here. Then just follow the steps described on that page, the setup is pretty straightforward. Make sure to run the miner as administrator, else it won’t work.


You can find articles with frequently asked questions about the miner in our Support Portal.

A little preview

Here is a little preview of the Miner tab:

Idle-Empire Miner


Make sure to enter your User ID in the Settings tab:

Idle-Empire Miner Settings

How much can I earn?

The amount of points you can earn depends on your processor (CPU) or your graphics card (GPU), depending on which you choose to mine with. You can also mine with both.

We included a calculator in the miner which gives you an estimate on how much you could earn in different timeframes:

Idle-Empire Miner Calculator

I usually have a hashrate of 475 hashes per second, so I could earn around 196,000 points per month.

Work in progress

Please note that this is the first version of our miner. We will improve it over time and new features will be added, such as giving you more control over how much of your computing power you want to spend on mining.

Beta Testers

For everyone who participated in the beta: Thank you! Your points will be transferred to the regular website soon and the top 3 beta testers will receive a prize of 5,000 points.

Note: Beta testers will need to download the new mining client from the regular website, the beta client will only work on the beta site.

Your feedback matters

We would very much appreciate your feedback on Discord or through our Support Portal.

Enjoy and stay tuned for future development!

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7 thoughts on “Idle-Empire Miner Has Been Released”

  1. I just joined Idle-Empire , Really interested in starting to mine

    When i tried to download it I got a warning concerning a virus/Malware …. I removed the file from my Pc ….

    any sugestions?

  2. It says miner stopped working even if I I’ve already run it with administrator it is asking me again and again for running it as an administrator or use a separate console. I can’t use miner because of this error.

  3. a versao v0.5.0 nao abre no windows 10 fala que o aplicativo nao pode ser iniciado e pra fala com o desenvolvedor

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