Email Verification System

Email Verification System Released

You can now verify your email address by clicking on a link that we send to your mailbox.

A foundation for a future email system

This verification system will be the foundation for an advanced email system that we will integrate into our service. Users will soon be able to automatically receive emails on certain events. Examples:

  • New blog post created
  • New giveaway released
  • Withdrawal status changed
  • Transaction over a certain threshold (e.g 10,000 points)

These are just some ideas.

Users decide which emails they want to receive

We will allow users to choose which email notifications they want to receive and which email notifications they do not want to receive. Our intention is not to spam anyone.

Your ideas help us to improve our service

Would you like to be notified when a certain event happens that is related to your account or our service? You can visit us on our Discord server or create a support ticket to share your ideas.


Stay tuned!

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