CS:GO Idling Removed

Earning Points On Our CS:GO Idle Servers Has Been Disabled

In our last blog post, we announced that users would soon stop to receive points on our CS:GO idle servers. The new Panorama update removed the MOTD functionality, that’s why we can’t show advertisements on our servers anymore. This means we also can’t reward you anymore for idling on our CS:GO servers.

Now what? I want to earn points by idling!

You can still earn points by idling on our TF2 servers! They work exactly like our CS:GO servers and TF2 is free to play. So you can go ahead and download it here. You can find all of our TF2 idle servers in our server list.

Idling in TF2? But I want to get CS:GO skins!

That’s no problem! As you earn points by idling on our TF2 servers, you can use those points for whatever withdrawal provider you prefer. You can use your points to buy CS:GO skins, TF2 skins, Dota 2 skins, cryptocurrencies, gift cards, or even games.

What happens to the CS:GO idle servers?

They will still be online for some time, so people can use them for normal idling. But you won’t receive points anymore. Use our TF2 servers for that.


Stay tuned for future updates! Maybe CS:GO brings back MOTD functionality one day? Until then, see you on our TF2 servers!

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5 thoughts on “Earning Points On Our CS:GO Idle Servers Has Been Disabled”

  1. Will I still get a point per minute if I idle in the TF2 Server?

    p.s. try to solve the csgo problem as soon as possible pls

    1. Yes, you will get 1 point per minute on the TF2 servers.

      And the CS:GO problem can’t be solved because Valve updated the game and removed a feature that was needed to give you points, we can’t do anything about it.

  2. Hey so couldnt you just make there be a sidebar thing? You know how people do the !guns command in chat to get a list of guns popped up on the side? Just make a ad be there.

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