Introducing Your-Surveys

Earn 6,250 Points Per Survey With Your-Surveys

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Your-Surveys – our trusted partner for reliable surveys. Starting today, you can earn 6,250 Points for every survey that you complete through Your-Surveys.

What is Your-Surveys?

Your-Surveys is a so-called “Survey Router” – a platform that is partnered with dozens of survey providers so that it can find the perfect survey for you. Your-Survey asks you a few basic questions and then redirects you to a matching survey from one of their partners. This is an extremely effective strategy since they have access to thousands of surveys.

How much do I earn per completed survey?

You receive 6,250 Points for every survey that you successfully complete. This is a fixed rate for every survey and users from all countries.

Where is Your-Surveys available?

Your-Surveys has worldwide inventory. Users from all countries can get matched to a survey.

Some countries provide more surveys due to their higher market research needs. If there are no surveys available for you we encourage you to check back the next day. New surveys are added every few hours. Chances are there will be something for you the next day.

How can I start earning with Your-Surveys?

Simply visit our Surveys page and click on “YourSurveys” at the right bottom of the page. Start earning immediately!


That’s it for today guys. We hope you enjoy this new earning opportunity and as always – stay tuned!

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