Earn more with MoreTvTime

Earn 15 points every 60 seconds with MoreTvTime

Today we’re introducing a new survey provider! MoreTvTime lets you earn 15 points every 60 seconds simply by viewing content.

How does MoreTvTime work?

MoreTvTime will pay you 15 points every time you view 6 news articles. You have to view each article for 10 seconds and then click a button to move to the next article. All you have to do is click and wait a moment. After a total of 60 seconds, you’ll get your 15 points!

What’s so awesome about it?

MoreTvTime is interesting for a lot of users because it has some unique properties that other survey providers don’t have. Here are our favorites:

  1. It’s super easy to use, all you have to do is clicking
  2. There are no limits – you can earn all day, every day
  3. There are no country restrictions, everyone can use it

Step by Step Tutorial

Simply visit our surveys page and click on “MoreTvTime” at the bottom.

Then click on “Start Earning”.

Important: Make sure to disable your adblocker on MoreTvTime, otherwise, it won’t work.

Once MoreTvTime opens, click on any of the articles that you see on the page:

Step 1


The article loads and you’ll need to click on the video that you can see at the bottom right of the page:

Step 2


A 10-second timer starts, so you have to wait for a moment…

Step 3


The timer finished! You can see that the progress bar advanced, and you can now click on the green button at the top to move to the next article. You’ll have to view 5 more articles to receive your 15 points.

Step 4


5 articles later… and you just got paid!

Step 5

We hope you enjoy this new earning method, and as always – stay tuned!

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