CS:GO Update breaks trading

CS:GO Update – Traded Items Cannot be Re-Traded For 7 Days

CS:GO released a new update today which prevents you to frequently trade your CS:GO items:

CS:GO items received in trade cannot be re-traded for seven days.

Some people are hoping that this is an early April fool’s joke. The new rule is active for now though, you can not trade any CS:GO item for 7 days after receiving it in a trade.

Why would Valve do this?

Obviously, this hurts their own business. But the theory is that they want to go after gambling sites. At the same time, they also drive more people to buy skins directly from the Steam Community Market and not from OPSkins or similar markets. There is less difference now – you have to wait 7 days anyways before you can trade your item now.

What does that mean for CS:GO players and businesses?

This is pretty shocking for a lot of people out there. Many CS:GO related businesses will suffer from this – marketplaces, gambling sites and trading platforms. Even normal people who just like to trade are now very restricted.

Item prices will likely fall because the demand will decline due to the decreased possibilities to use them (e.g gambling, trading).

If this is not an early April fool’s joke, then the coming days will definitely be interesting. What will OPSkins do? What will the big gambling sites do? What are traders going to do?

What does this mean for Idle-Empire?

We will watch closely how the events unfold and will adapt to the situation accordingly. Don’t worry – we don’t expect to be affected that much. The recent switch to BitSkins withdrawals gives us flexibility and we are confident that either Bitskins or OPSkins will find a way to deal with this and we will work with one of them.

Additionally, we also have plans to implement other withdrawal methods such as cryptocurrencies and PayPal.

Stay tuned!

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