BitSkins Withdrawals Removed Again

We are forced to remove BitSkins withdrawals once again. We were using Litecoin to send BitSkins balance to our users and yesterday, BitSkins decided to remove cryptocurrency deposits from their platform.

The Issue

3 weeks ago, BitSkins removed the ability for platforms like us to send funds to other users. After that, we used Litecoin to send balance to the BitSkins accounts of our users. Yesterday, BitSkins also removed the ability for users to fund their  account balance with cryptocurrency. BitSkins did not announce those actions to us or their users – so we’re not sure why those decisions were made.

Unfortunately, there are no other ways to integrate BitSkins withdrawals into our platform. The remaining payment options (G2A Pay and Skrill) have a minimum deposit amount of $5 and demand high fees (between 3% and 5%), which we don’t consider to be a satisfying experience for our users.

BitSkins Alternatives

You can withdraw CSGOShop balance, Steam gift cards, SkinBaron gift cards, and LootBear gift cards from Idle-Empire. All of those markets offer a wide variety of items for CS:GO and other games.

What’s next?

As mentioned above, we now have a range of alternatives to BitSkins. We know that many users prefer BitSkins over those other markets, so we’ll keep an eye on BitSkins too. If they change their payment options in the future, we might be able to integrate them again.

As always – stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “BitSkins Withdrawals Removed Again”

  1. Do you think that you can re-negotiate the coupon method for bitskins now that they were forced to remove crypto? They might want coupons to be back.

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