BitSkins Withdrawals Permanently Removed

We’ve got some sad news today – we are forced to permanently remove BitSkins withdrawals from our platform. BitSkins decided to remove the feature that allows websites such as ours to send funds to other users. You can still withdraw skins from our platform through CSGOShop, Steam gift cards, and LootBear gift cards.

Why exactly is BitSkins removed?

Yesterday, our system suddenly failed to process BitSkins withdrawals. We immediately reached out to BitSkins to ask them about the issue and they informed us that they permanently disabled the ability to send funds to other users:

We have disabled use of coupons at BitSkins effective immediately. We won’t be able to allow use of coupons for anyone going forward.

We asked them about the reasons for this decision but unfortunately, their answer wasn’t very specific:

Coupons are not part of the core business at BitSkins; this is just BitSkins streamlining its operations.

We also asked them if they had any plans to bring this feature back in the future, but it doesn’t look like it:

No, any such offering is not integral to our business and will not be offered.

Idle-Empire can’t influence this decision. We’d love to continue working with BitSkins, but they decided to stop supporting the feature that is required to process withdrawals.

What are alternatives to BitSkins withdrawals?

You can still get CS:GO, TF2, and Dota 2 skins through our platform by using CSGOShop for your withdrawals. You can also withdraw Steam gift cards and buy skins for any game directly from the Steam Community Market. Another possible alternative is LootBear gift cards, a platform that allows you to buy and rent CS:GO skins.

What’s next?

We already have alternatives to BitSkins such as CSGOShop, LootBear, and Steam gift cards. Additionally, we’ll be reaching out to other emerging skin markets to find the best possible range of withdrawal options for you.

As always – stay tuned!

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