BitSkins Withdrawals Are Back

BitSkins Withdrawals Are Back Once Again

We have some good news for you – BitSkins has released a new feature which allows us to send USD balance to our users. BitSkins withdrawals are back once again and you can withdraw now!

How do BitSkins withdrawals work?

No coupons anymore! We send your Idle-Empire points directly to your BitSkins account in form of USD balance. After your withdrawal has been completed, you will immediately see the balance in your BitSkins account.

Can I already use BitSkins withdrawals now?

Yes! BitSkins withdrawals are live and you can make your BitSkins withdrawal now.

What happens with CSGOShop?

Nothing. CSGOShop is a great marketplace and it will continue to be one of our withdrawal options. Anyone who prefers them over BitSkins can continue to use them!

What’s next?

Idle-Empire is always looking to add more withdrawal options, we will continue to look out for awesome platforms that our users can withdraw to. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “BitSkins Withdrawals Are Back Once Again”

  1. It would be cool if u also add paypal as an option to withdraw.. a big fan who got money ❤thanks

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