Mandatory Miner Update – Monero October Hardfork

We just released a new update for the Idle-Empire miner, v0.3.0. Upgrading to the new version will be mandatory in roughly 24 hours.

What’s new?

v0.3.0 only includes a new version of the XMR-Stak miner that we use. This version includes a new mining algorithm that will be used by the Monero network soon. Monero has a scheduled hardfork (update) on the 18th of October, which is in about 2 days. This update will require all miners to use a different mining algorithm. The old mining algorithm will be invalid and therefore, all mining software is required to be updated.

Config Incompatibility

Please note that your old configuration files will not work with this new update. That means you can’t just copy your old config files and use them with the new miner. If you want to use customized CPU or GPU config files, you will need to start the new miner and default config files will be automatically generated for you. After that, you can open the config files and customize them. You can refer to our article CPU and GPU – Advanced Configuration for this purpose.

Necessary Prerequisites

If the new miner does not start properly, please make sure that Visual Studio libraries are installed. You can download them directly from Microsoft.

What happens after the hardfork?

Mining profitability is expected to slightly increase as some miners will stop mining. This means that you might earn more points than before for a short amount of time.


You can download the new miner through this link.


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Introducing Freddy: Our Smart Support Bot

We are happy to present you Freddy, our new support bot that can help you to find the right answer to your question. Freddy is currently only active on our support panel, however, we plan to add him to our website in the future.

How does Freddy work?

You can ask Freddy a question and he will try to find the support article that contains the answer to your question. This way, you don’t have to look through dozens of articles yourself. Just ask Freddy!

What makes Freddy smart?

Freddy has AI characteristics. He uses Machine Learning to become smarter and more efficient over time. Every time a user interacts with him, he learns. When he finds the right article to your question, he will memorize it. And if he doesn’t find the right answer, he will memorize it too and try to give a better answer next time. So if you feel like he’s not too bright yet, give him some time. He’s still very young and needs to learn more about the needs of Idle-Empire users.

How can I use Freddy?

Just visit our support panel and click on the “message” icon in the bottom right corner. Here’s an example of how a chat with Freddy looks like:

Chat with Freddy

What’s next?

We will monitor Freddy and make sure that he learns well so that he becomes a better help to our community. When he’s ready, he will serve you on our website too!

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Earning Points On Our CS:GO Idle Servers Has Been Disabled

In our last blog post, we announced that users would soon stop to receive points on our CS:GO idle servers. The new Panorama update removed the MOTD functionality, that’s why we can’t show advertisements on our servers anymore. This means we also can’t reward you anymore for idling on our CS:GO servers.

Now what? I want to earn points by idling!

You can still earn points by idling on our TF2 servers! They work exactly like our CS:GO servers and TF2 is free to play. So you can go ahead and download it here. You can find all of our TF2 idle servers in our server list.

Idling in TF2? But I want to get CS:GO skins!

That’s no problem! As you earn points by idling on our TF2 servers, you can use those points for whatever withdrawal provider you prefer. You can use your points to buy CS:GO skins, TF2 skins, Dota 2 skins, cryptocurrencies, gift cards, or even games.

What happens to the CS:GO idle servers?

They will still be online for some time, so people can use them for normal idling. But you won’t receive points anymore. Use our TF2 servers for that.


Stay tuned for future updates! Maybe CS:GO brings back MOTD functionality one day? Until then, see you on our TF2 servers!

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Perfect Money Has Been Added As Withdrawal Option

We have added a new withdrawal option – Perfect Money. Our first withdrawal provider that supports PayPal and bank account transactions! You can try it out now.

What is Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is a payment system that allows depositing and withdrawing through different third-party Exchangers.

When you choose the Perfect Money withdrawal option on our website, we will send USD balance to your Perfect Money account.

You can then use this balance to exchange it for bank account balance, cryptocurrency, PayPal, and much more.

Note: All exchanges are performed through third-party Exchangers. There apply extra fees and there is often a minimum exchange amount. We recommend you to inform yourself about Perfect Money Exchangers before choosing this withdrawal option.

What can I do with my Perfect Money balance?

You can exchange your Perfect Money account balance to bank account balance, PayPal, cryptocurrencies and much more through third-party Exchangers.

Note that there applies an extra fee and there is often a minimum exchange amount.

Here is a useful list to learn about Exchangers and find Exchangers:

What’s next?

We will be looking to integrate more useful withdrawal options to offer you the biggest possible choice to spend your points.


Stay tuned!


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BitSkins Withdrawals Are Back Once Again

We have some good news for you – BitSkins has released a new feature which allows us to send USD balance to our users. BitSkins withdrawals are back once again and you can withdraw now!

How do BitSkins withdrawals work?

No coupons anymore! We send your Idle-Empire points directly to your BitSkins account in form of USD balance. After your withdrawal has been completed, you will immediately see the balance in your BitSkins account.

Can I already use BitSkins withdrawals now?

Yes! BitSkins withdrawals are live and you can make your BitSkins withdrawal now.

What happens with CSGOShop?

Nothing. CSGOShop is a great marketplace and it will continue to be one of our withdrawal options. Anyone who prefers them over BitSkins can continue to use them!

What’s next?

Idle-Empire is always looking to add more withdrawal options, we will continue to look out for awesome platforms that our users can withdraw to. Stay tuned!

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Our CS:GO Idle Servers Will Be Replaced By TF2 Idle Servers

We are forced to replace our CS:GO idle servers with TF2 idle servers in the coming days. The new Panorama UI update will break the functionality of our CS:GO servers. TF2 is the light!

What does that mean for me?

You won’t earn any points on our CS:GO idle servers anymore. We will host TF2 idle servers instead. Those servers will work like our CS:GO servers, you can just join the server and earn points while being AFK.

Why do I stop receiving points on the CS:GO idle servers?

Valve announced that the new Panorama UI will be officially released for all users before the end of the month. Unfortunately, this update will remove the MOTD functionality. This means we won’t be able to display advertisements on our servers anymore, and therefore we can’t credit you for idling on the CS:GO servers.

When will I stop to receive points on the CS:GO idle servers?

As soon as the new Panorama UI is officially released for all users. We will publish another blog post once that has happened.

Can I already join the new TF2 idle servers?

Yes! We just released one test server which you can already join and earn your points. You can find it in our server list.


Long live TF!

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CS:GO Skins Are Back – CSGOShop Integration

We are happy to introduce you to CSGOShop, our new withdrawal provider! It brings CS:GO skins and TF2 skins back to our platform.

What is CSGOShop?

CSGOShop is a simple and easy-to-use marketplace for CS:GO and TF2 skins. You can sign in to their website with your Steam account and buy or sell your skins with instant delivery.

How do CSGOShop withdrawals work?

When you choose the CSGOShop withdrawal option on our website, we will send CSGOShop balance to the account that is associated with the submitted Steam ID. You can then use your account balance to instantly withdraw any CS:GO and TF2 skins that you like from CSGOShop.

Try it out now

Missing your good old skins? You can check our Withdraw page and make your first CSGOShop withdrawal now!

What’s next?

We will continue to look out for more withdrawal options and you can be sure that more awesome providers will be added in the future.


Stay tuned!

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BitSkins Has Been Removed & Gift Cards Have Been Added

BitSkins has been removed as a withdrawal method and we are therefore introducing Gift Cards as a new withdrawal method.

Why has BitSkins been removed?

BitSkins has been removed because they decided to permanently disable their coupon feature on their website. We have asked them about the reasons and here is their answer:

Removal of Coupons is permanent since the system was being abused on an increasing scale.
Coupons were intended for peer-to-peer use, but they become a withdrawal mechanism for sites that Steam dislikes. Those are the sites that we cannot support with direct methods like coupons.
We can’t police the use of coupons, unfortunately. It’s possible that we could whitelist sites that share their accounts with other third-party sites, and thus cause issues.
After Steam decided to ban OPSkins bots, BitSkins became more cautious. Gambling sites started to use BitSkins coupons, so they decided to stop offering that feature to protect themselves. We think that this is the right move for them, even if it doesn’t suit us very much.

Gift cards have been added

We decided to add Gift Cards to our withdrawal options. For now, we only offer a Steam Wallet Code but more gift cards will be added soon. Steam Wallet Codes are an easy way to put money into your own Steam Wallet. They can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, and any other item you can purchase on Steam. So you can still buy skins for your favorite games, or you can now buy the games itself if you like. You can take a look at it on our withdrawal page.

More withdrawal methods will be added

Some users were concerned about the future of Idle-Empire after we lost both OPSkins and BitSkins in a short timeframe. We can assure you, we won’t be going anywhere. We have chosen to support external withdrawal providers for a reason. It gives us flexibility and offers our users diversity. We are constantly looking for other useful withdrawal methods so that you have more choices, and we will add more withdrawal methods over time.
Stay tuned!
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Valve Bans All OPSkins Bots, How Does It Affect Idle-Empire?

A few hours ago, Valve published a blog post explaining that they will lock OPSkins Steam Accounts by June 21st, 2018.

What does that mean for OPSkins?

This means that you won’t be able to trade, withdraw, or deposit any Steam items on OPSkins after June 21st. OPSkins will stop to deal with any items that are related to the Steam Community Market. They will not stop their service though. OPSkins will continue to operate and focus on blockchain based items. You can read their official statement here.

What does that mean for Idle-Empire?

BitSkins withdrawals will come back before the OPSkins ban on June 21st. That way, you will still be able to withdraw the items for your favorite games. Besides that, we will continue to offer OPSkins withdrawals as they will continue to operate with the focus on blockchain based items.


We are also planning to release new withdrawal options in the future. Stay tuned!

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