Coinbase Withdrawals Have Been Integrated

Coinbase withdrawals are now available on our website.

The following cryptocurrencies can now be instantly withdrawn from our website directly to your Coinbase account:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Transactions Fees

Transactions from a withdrawal are off-chain, meaning they will not be sent over the blockchain. They will instead be sent internally over the Coinbase system and therefore cost 0 fees. This allows you to withdraw small and big amounts without any loss.

Exchange Rate

We are frequently buying small amounts of BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC to have everything ready for your withdrawals. Therefore, our exchange rate from points to cryptocurrencies is static and not “live”. The exchange rate only changes when we restock our wallets. This restriction is currently not solvable in a different way because Coinbase has a flat fee of $1.00 for every fiat to cryptocurrency trade. So we can not buy cryptocurrencies for every individual withdrawal.


Enjoy your withdrawals!

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Instant Withdrawals Are Now Active

We have recently announced that we would soon implement instant withdrawals. Finally, here we go!

Instant withdrawals are now available and will be used for most withdrawals. However, there are limitations and it is automatically determined whether a withdrawal qualifies to be instant or not.

A withdrawal will still be put on hold when:

  • The user has withdrawn 50,000 points or more within the last 24 hours
  • The user has been involved in suspicious activities such as the usage of a VPN or Proxy
  • The user has completed surveys which are known to have a high fraud risk

We might change those rules in the future as we see how well they play out.

Stay tuned!

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BitSkins Withdrawals Replaced With OPSkins

We recently announced to replace our BitSkins withdrawals with OPSkins for several reasons.

The update has been released and is now live! BitSkins has been removed and you can withdraw your points for OPSkins balance. This has some benefits:

  • OPSkins is the market leader; they are the biggest marketplace for virtual gaming items
  • OPSkins supports more games
  • OPSkins allows us to automatically send funds to your OPSkins account, no manual coupon activation needed

We will be working on instant withdrawals next, and then we are going to integrate other withdrawal providers which allow you to withdraw money and cryptocurrencies.

Stay tuned!


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CS:GO Update – Traded Items Cannot be Re-Traded For 7 Days

CS:GO released a new update today which prevents you to frequently trade your CS:GO items:

CS:GO items received in trade cannot be re-traded for seven days.

Some people are hoping that this is an early April fool’s joke. The new rule is active for now though, you can not trade any CS:GO item for 7 days after receiving it in a trade.

Why would Valve do this?

Obviously, this hurts their own business. But the theory is that they want to go after gambling sites. At the same time, they also drive more people to buy skins directly from the Steam Community Market and not from OPSkins or similar markets. There is less difference now – you have to wait 7 days anyways before you can trade your item now.

What does that mean for CS:GO players and businesses?

This is pretty shocking for a lot of people out there. Many CS:GO related businesses will suffer from this – marketplaces, gambling sites and trading platforms. Even normal people who just like to trade are now very restricted.

Item prices will likely fall because the demand will decline due to the decreased possibilities to use them (e.g gambling, trading).

If this is not an early April fool’s joke, then the coming days will definitely be interesting. What will OPSkins do? What will the big gambling sites do? What are traders going to do?

What does this mean for Idle-Empire?

We will watch closely how the events unfold and will adapt to the situation accordingly. Don’t worry – we don’t expect to be affected that much. The recent switch to BitSkins withdrawals gives us flexibility and we are confident that either Bitskins or OPSkins will find a way to deal with this and we will work with one of them.

Additionally, we also have plans to implement other withdrawal methods such as cryptocurrencies and PayPal.

Stay tuned!

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Upcoming – OPSkins & Instant Withdrawals

In the recent post about the changes made to our platform, I said we were soon going to announce some upcoming changes. I would like to share the planned improvements that we are going to implement for the withdrawals on our platform.


We have talked to OPSkins and they gave us the green light to integrate their service with our platform. We will be replacing BitSkins with OPSkins. This has several benefits:

  • OPSkins is the market leader; they are the biggest marketplace for virtual gaming items
  • OPSkins supports more games
  • OPSkins allows us to automatically send funds to your OPSkins account, no manual coupon activation needed

You can expect the integration to go live in a few days but there is no exact release date – it will be released when it’s done.

Instant Withdrawals

After integrating OPSkins, we will be working to enable instant withdrawals. That means you will no longer have to wait until your withdrawal is approved from us, funds will be instantly sent to you.

This feature will come with exceptions though, some withdrawals will still be put on hold and require manual revision due to fraud protection. This includes withdrawals from users with suspicious account activity (VPN/Proxy usage, multi-accounting, unusual survey patterns) and high-value withdrawals.

Stay tuned!

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Referral Commission Has Been Increased To 10%

I am happy to announce that the lifetime referral commission has been increased from 5.00% to 10.00%.

The reason why we chose to take this decision is simple. We want you to help us grow our platform and you should be incentivized and properly rewarded for doing so. We want our users to be able to take part in making a good profit with us – you can build your own army of earners.

That’s it for today, happy referring!

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Recap Of The Recent Changes To Our Website

In this post, I will summarize the recent changes that were made to our website, so you have a better overview. Especially the new withdrawal system has been confusing for some people. I hope this will clear things up.

Let’s get into it!


We moved to a new hoster and the website performance is much better. Users have been getting server errors before because our old website was hitting the capacity limits, that should now be fixed.


The points system remains pretty much the same, except that now every single modification of an account balance is tracked as a separate entry called “transaction”. A user can see all of his transactions in the User Panel.

Some users felt like the exchange rate between points and USD changed but that’s not the case – the rate has been and still is 1:13500. You get $1.00 for 13,500 points. It feels like the exchange rate has changed because before, you needed roughly ~27,000 points for one CS:GO key and one key is worth ~$2.50, right? That’s true but our withdrawals now work through BitSkins and items on BitSkins are cheaper than on the Steam Community Market. You can buy a CS:GO key for $2,00 on BitSkins which is still 27,000 points.

Some users had issues with their account balance. If you signed in and had an account balance of 0 but you had points before the launch of the new website, just log out and log in again. That should solve the issue. If it doesn’t, please open a support ticket and we will help you.


The withdrawal system is completely new. We removed the skin shop and replaced it with withdrawals through external providers, currently only BitSkins (a marketplace for virtual gaming items) but more will follow. This has been confusing for some people but we have chosen to take this step because it has several benefits.

  • You can withdraw items for different games, not just for CS:GO
  • You have more control over the exact item you buy, e.g choosing the float and pattern
  • You can soon™ not only withdraw items but also money through cryptocurrencies and PayPal
  • You can soon™ make instant withdrawals


The old website only had a ranking list for the monthly server players. The new leaderboard tracks a daily ranking and we added 2 new categories – surveys and referrals. Every 24 hours the top 3 users of each category are awarded a price in points. 15,000 points for the first place, 10,000 points for the second place and 5,000 points for the third place.

User Panel

You are now able to see a lot more data and with more details. You have an overview of all changes to your account balances (called “transactions”) and you can see information about your withdrawals, surveys, promotions, and referrals.


The Surveys didn’t really change, they are the same as before. We added a new survey provider though – SuperRewards. We will be looking into adding more survey providers in the future.


The CS:GO idle servers changed a little bit.

There are now “confirmed” and “unconfirmed” points. Unconfirmed points can only be earned on the idle servers and they will be automatically confirmed once per hour. You don’t need to do anything. “Confirmed” points is just another term for the regular balance that you see at the top right on our website.

Users currently don’t get a “You received 1 point” message in the chat but no worries, you are earning points. We will add that message again soon.

The ranking list that could be accessed through the chat command “!rank” has been temporarily removed. This list will also be added again in the future.

Besides that, almost all server plugins have been revamped but the functionality stays the same – you might just notice some different chat messages.


The referral system has been completely renewed, the referral link format changed and you can now set your custom referral code. You still receive 50 points per referral. Additionally you now also gain a 5.00% lifetime commission on all surveys that are completed by your referrals. The 5.00% commission also applies to all server minutes that are farmed by your referrals. As an extra incentive, your referrals now receive 500 points for signing up through your link.


The promotions are a new category for earning points but you are familiar with the available actions. Before we had an “Idle-Empire” survey provider, this has now been moved to its own category named “Promotions”.


This is a new form of signing in. Besides Steam, you can now use your Twitter, Google or Facebook account to log in to our website. You can link different your social media accounts to one Idle-Empire account. We also award you with 300 points for every social account that you connect to your Idle-Empire account.


I hope this makes things a bit more clear. Please note that we will continue to improve the new website, we have a lot of plans and there are coming great improvements as well as new features. We will soon publish another blog post where we announce some upcoming changes.

Stay tuned!

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Introducing Our New Blog

With our new website also comes a new blog. We want to keep you updated and informed about everything that’s happening – we will let you know about future plans, updates, and events.

The new website opens up a lot of new possibilities for us and we will continue to improve Idle-Empire on all fronts.

We know that the transition to the new website has been confusing for some users, especially the introduction of our new withdrawal system. That’s why we will soon post a small recap of the recent changes to our website. Stay tuned!

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